I lost a dear friend this month and much of my time and energy has been spent with other friends remembering her remarkable spirit and kind heart. I wanted to share some memories…

-being squeezed 16 into a toyota land cruiser as we were evacuated from Burkina Faso during last year’s riots

-spending two hours in a taxi to go 8 kilometers to a water hole that no longer lets you swim in it.

-kate taking care of my burn during our iron chef competition

-working with new volunteers during training

-visiting her village for the whipping fete. she’s the best hostess!

– kate and megan telling everyone to faire la douce (be careful) while walking the streets of Abomey… it kept me from stepping into the sewer!

-A bag flying off the roof of our mini-bus, kate saying I hope that wasn’t mine, it was indeed hers!

-That same mini-bus making strange loud bangs and going slower than donkey carts on the side of the road.

-kate’s love of games…

We all love Kate very much is she is greatly missed.


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One response to “Kate

  1. Mark Loehrke

    Thanks so much.
    I never get tired of reading these memories.
    Much love, Mark Loehrke (Carly’s dad)

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