Spelling Bee Winners

I am proud to let you know that we had our spelling bees this past week! My fellow teachers seemed to enjoy the event and were impressed that many students could pronounce the alphabet in English.  Amazing both of the winners are from the same class! Christine and Akim made their fellow classmates very proud and the kids escorted them to the Headmaster’s office chanting, 6eme1… which means First Form 1. Now I will escort the winners to Parkou in April or May for the national competition. 

These are two very motivated students and I am happy that they have been recognized for their hard work. Akim came to our weekly study sessions every week and it payed off! In a place where most people leave their future to fate, it is refreshing to see people work hard to achieve. Christine has one of the highest grades in all of first form. I was surprised to find out that her father didn’t speak French. She must work very hard at home considering she can’t ask her parents to help her with her homework.

I put some pictures up from the spelling bee, so check them out!


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One response to “Spelling Bee Winners

  1. Eliza Alden

    I’m glad the Spelling Bee went well!
    Sounds like you have two great spellers!
    Wish them good luck for the National Competition for me! 🙂
    See you soon!


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