Introducing the cat…

So we’ve been plagued with mice and some larger mice which lead me to believe they are actually rats. Our friend Rima’s cat had  kittens and thus we are now the proud owners of a cat that Jeff calls Tiger. She is super cute and I think she has the killer insticts that we need. She also likes to cuddle up on our laps. I just hope she doesn’t attack our mosquito net!



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3 responses to “Introducing the cat…

  1. Eliza Alden

    Your new cat sounds like a lot of fun!!!


  2. James Longley

    Hi, Mrs. Guevin its james from third grade, i am in sixth grade now. i heard about the cat it sounds cool.

    • pguevin

      Hi James!

      I hope you are enjoying 6th grade! I was at the Ahern in April and did a presentation in Eliza’s class. Wish I could have seen you too!

      MRs. Guevin

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