40th anniversary

Peace Corps Benin celebrated 40 years of service in Benin this September. When the new volunteers were sworn in, a big party was thrown. All the different sectors (TEFL, business, health, and environment) wore the same fabric in different colors. It was a special commemorative design that said Peace Corps Benin, 40 years and had the map of Benin printed on it. TEFL looked a little bit like Barney (pink) and SED was orange. Environment was green and for some reason I can’t remember what color health wore (I must be getting old…) L:ike our own swear in ceremony last year, there was singing and lots of speeches. One of the current volunteers, Steve, made a cool video about peace corps in Benin, with photos from the begining and up to today.  We had been hoping that the President of Benin would attend but he couldn’t. He did however meet with Peace Corps staff to sign a new agreement between the Republic of Benin and Corps de la Paix. He has asked us to help create a national volunteer coprs similar to Americorps in the United States. I know that there is a young Beninese man in Parakou who has started a Beninese volunteer organization so hopefully it will spread throughout Benin.

The big boss came in to Benin from Washington D.C. … that would be Mr. Henry McKoy, the Regional Director of the Peace Corps for Africa. He even visited our post and saw Jeff do some work with the tradespeople in Agon.

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by already. This time next year, I will be back at home and hopefully getting to see many of you!!


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