Community Radio

This week I returned to Lokossa to participate in a training session on working with Community Radio Stations. Peace Corps wants us to help the radio stations start Listening Clubs. These clubs are comprised of a group of people from the community who listen to radio shows and then give feedback to the radio station, telling them what they still want to learn and what they should change about the radio program. This a really grreat way to get the community and the radio station working together to teach people about different topics, such as, AIDS, girls in school, etc.

On the last evening, I was walking around the market with my friend Sarah H., and a guy from the local radio station approached us and asked us if he could record our voices for his radio show, Musique Tropical. So off we went to the radio station and he gave us several lines to read in French. I guess they think our accents our amusing because it was cracking him up. Mostly we were just saying welcome to the show in French, we added some English lines like Rock it! It was kinda of fun and would probably never happen to me in the states. It is a little weird be treating like a celebrity at times just because I look different from everyone else.



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  1. Eliza Alden

    Hi Mrs. Guevin!
    It seemed like fun to be talking on a radio show! Talk to you later!

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