A Long Day

My normally hour and a half trip to Cotonou took three hours this morning. Argh. It was going fine. Jeff and I were sharing the passenger seat up front (that is normal here! and very unsafe!!!) and we seemed to be making good time. Then our driver turned off the road onto a dirt path and proceeded to drop off two passengers. Instead of turning around to go back to the highway, he seemed to be trying to make a loop back. Unfortunately we got stuck in local traffic and every time he tried to drive around the traffic we got stuck in even more traffic. An hour later we finally made it back to the highway.

When I finally arrived at the Peace Corps office, I soon learned that the government has extended the school year until the end of June. I was disappointed. I’ve been looking forward to the end of the school year so much. I understand that they want to extend the school year because there have been a lot of strikes, but no one went on strike at my school in Houegbo. I am curious how the teachers and students will react.

So now I am in the air conditioned computer room, eating ice cream, and missing you all.


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  1. Susie

    That sucks! Extended school year…:(

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