Weather in Benin

The weather in Benin is very different from Massachusetts. There are two seasons:  dry season and rainy season. During the dry season it doesn’t rain and the landscape becomes brown and there is a lot of dust everywhere. At the end of dry season it gets really, really hot. In Northern Benin, dry season lasts much longer than in the South. In the south, it is also more humid (like Boston!). Right now we are at the beginning of rainy season. It is super humid out (I feel gross and sticky a lot) and then it will rain. The rain is such a relief. The air is less thick and humid and the temperature cools down.


When the kids were reading the pen pal letters they received they were very confused about winter. They’ve never seen snow and to them cold is when it is 75 degrees outside. In fact, they will wear winter coats when it is that cool! I showed them some picture books, Mike sent, to give them an idea of winter and snow. They think the world is covered in ice during the winter. They never heard of sledding, skiing, or making snowmen.


Personally, I miss the seasons, especially Autumn, which is my favorite. I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors when I get back home!


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