All Volunteer Conference

At the end of March, we had our all volunteer conference. All of the volunteers come down to Cotonou for a few days to share their work and learn from each other. We got to stay in a comfortable hotel that had a pool! I learned about some neat projects other volunteers are doing. A girl named Betsie found an eye doctor to come into her village and about 500 students at her school got examined and about 80 of those students needed glasses! She even got used glasses donated from an organization in the United States. Now these kids can see better which will help them in school! Another volunteer, Heidi, helped build the first latrines in her village. Before that, the villagers had to go in the bushes! Using latrines will be much more healthy.

It was fun to see my friends. So many of them are far away from my post in Houegbo.


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  1. Eliza Alden

    Hi Mrs. Guevin!
    It must have been very refreshing to be in a pool! Are there pools in Benin? It also must have been awesome to see some of your friends! I’m so glad that the US sent some used glasses to Africa! Stay safe!


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