Devoir Week and HIV/AIDS Education

I came back from Porto Novo and training to devoir week at school. Devoirs are the big exams in school. They are like midterms or finals and half of your final grade is determined by how well you do on the two devoirs you take each semester. During devoir week, there are no classes because all of the rooms are being used for exams. Each teacher is assigned two days during which they have to proctor exams. To be honest, it is boring. It is similar to watching students take the MCAS. except much much longer. I also have to proctor (supervise) exams for classes I don’t normally teach. For instance, I proctored a Spanish exam for third form students. When they complained about not understanding the test, I couldn’t exactly help them read the Spanish. Where is Mrs. Gray when I need her??!! On Friday, Yuka invited us to watch a skit performed by other Japanese volunteers. It was to teach the teenagers about AIDS awareness and prevention. The audience laughed a lot and they proved that they are fairly well informed about the deadly disease, which is devastating many places in Africa. While AIDS is more prevalent in Benin than the United States, the percentage of people living with AIDS is less than neighboring countries. In Benin around 2 % of the population has HIV or AIDS. Many volunteers in Benin do work in AIDS education, we hope that by teaching people about the disease less will get it and that those who have it will seek treatment.


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  1. Eliza Alden

    Hi Mrs. Guevin!
    Today I had to write my long comp for MCAS. It was kind of hard, but I managed! We have MCAS untill Thursday. Friday is a staff development day, so no school! Luckly the only MCAS that we have left is multiple choice. It wasn’t as scary this year taking the MCAS because we took it last year! Well, tell your students good luck!

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