Football (soccer)

I am starting a girls football team! I went to watch the kids playing soccer and noticed no girls were playing. I asked if they wanted to play and now we are going to meet at 8am on saturday and try it out. If they keep coming I will try to get them uniforms and stuff. I just hope they have sneakers. Most people play sports in their bare feet here.  My friend Jordan coaches a girls soccer team in Azove so maybe we can set up a match.  



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2 responses to “Football (soccer)

  1. Eliza Alden

    Hi Mrs. Guevin!
    It’s so great to find out that you are coaching a girls soccer team! I hope you can post some pictures of them playing soccer on your blog. I hope the girls will have fun playing soccer! Wish them good luck for me if they have a game any time soon!


  2. Eileen Lozzi

    Oh Phoebes! Remember your soccer experience last year? No injuries this time! The girls must love you! We are waiting for the photos to put up on our Benin bulletin board! Miss you! Aileen

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