Sports in Benin

Thought after the last post I should put up something less tragic, so I’ll write about sports! Here in Benin, the kids adore soccer. In fact the African Cup of Nations is going on in Ghana at the moment (or about over). Benin made it to the tournament this time, but isn’t one of the best teams. 

At the College in Houegbo, the students have gym class. They play on a large grassy field behind the school. They do a lot of running, jumping, and of course playing soccer, which is called football here. For the most part only boys play competitive sports. Although there are several volunteers who have started girls soccer teams to get girls more interested in sports. Some volunteers have also taught kids in their communities to play basketball. A current volunteer couple, Steve and Jaren, (in Tchaorou) are teaching the kids in their town to play baseball. Yep, baseball! Steve is an avid Red Sox fan and he came with a glove and ball so that he could share his love of the game. Jeff visited them in Tchaorou before his training in Parakou and he took a lot of pictures. Check them out!


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  1. Brian Beckenstein

    On the subject of sports – the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. Oh well, maybe next year!
    I looked at your photos – I see you’re keeping up with your baking!
    You guys look great!
    We got your letters and we will be setting up pen pals with our classes.

    Brian Beckenstein (Igo)

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