Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! Classes start again on January 7th so I will soon be back at work at the CEG. Eliza wanted to know if kids get excited about christmas here. They do. They call Santa Clause “Papa Noel” and they like to sing a song about him. A lot of kids asked Jeff and I for gifts because the community thinks that as Americans we must be wealthy and have lots of money to give away. Compared to Beninese most of us are wealthy, but Jeff and I are not given any more money to live on that the average middle class Beninese person, though it is still more than most. We made tortiere for our neighbors… tortiere is a meat pie that Jeff’s family makes every year for Christmas Eve.

Eliza also wanted to know if I got anything from Santa,…. why yes I did! Santa gave me some chocolate! It was delicious. I even made some brownies with it!

Jeff is going to Senegal in February and if I am hoping to enjoy him if school is on vacation. The West Africa Softball Tournament is going to be in Dakar, Senegal and Jeff is going to be on the Peace Corp Benin Team. I posted some more pictures so see if you can find them!!!


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