Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

So thanksgiving is approaching and I have been worried about whether or not I’ll be able to have some pumpkin pie. Luckily, Jeff found some pumpkins at the marche in cotonou and I did a test run.  I spent a good hour online trying to find instructions for how to actually prep the pumpkin. Usually, I just use that fabulous pumpking mush that comes so neatly packed in the Libby’s can. However, this time I winged it…. peeling and cubing the pumpkin then boiling it until tender and then using a fork (hey my tools are very low tech here!) I mushed it all.  By the time I had a pumpkin pie it smelled like the real thing. I think it needed more time in the dutch oven and a good dollop of ice cream wouldn’t hurt, but all in all not bad. So hopefully, I can improve upon it in time for Thanksgiving.


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  1. Hi Mrs.Guevin it’s Alexandra thanks for the post card you sent me!I hope you send me one back soon.

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