Children and Rainy Days

Yesterday was a hot sunny day or that’s how it started anyways. By the time I was half-way through my third class of the day at around 4pm, the winds had changed. I started to hear the patttering of rain drizzle onto the corrugated tin roof. Not a big deal I thought, this happens frequently enough, but then the drizzling became a deluge and the winds seemed like they were going to the curl the roof off our classroom like the lid of a sardine can.  The kids of course started screaming, because what could make a storm more fun/scary than started to scream at the top of their lungs. So there I was in a dark classroom with 54 screaming kids and rain howling in at me from what seemed like all angles. Of course, it was over in ten minutes. But during that ten minutes I was worried that roof was going to fly off and I would become a part of some tragedy. When it was over, I looked outside to see that a rather large tree had fallen onto the teacher’s staff room and the school yard was turned into a muddy lake. 


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