Water Water Water

So my lovely home has no running water. It does however, have a cistern. A cistern is like a well, except that it collects rain water instead of being full of ground water. Our cistern is shared between four families and is currently rather low since it hasn’t been raining as much. Every morning Jeff and I have to fill up our big metal buckets with water from the cistern. We need at least one bucket to take a shower, one bucket for cleaning dishes,  and more for cooking and drinking. Of course seeing as how dirty the water is (think Lizard poop…) we can’t just drink it. First we filter it then we have to boil it for at least three minutes. Making sure we have potable water is a bit of a pain but unclean water can be deadly. I was lucky to have running water at my home in Lokossa and I miss it so much. However, I am getting stronger now that I have to carry heavy pails of water everyday. The best part is that our puppy, Hugo, likes to follow me to get water. He may get distracted by the chickens running around the yard, but he is almost always underfoot. I love my puppy!!!


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