Home sweet home

We moved in! It took a phone call to peace corps headquarters and one of the administrators had to physically come to Houegbo and oversee the artisans fix up the place. It was sad to see that it was only a days work and it took over a month to get it done!

Teaching is hard here. I gave my first quiz and had to write the quiz out on the blackboard for the kids to copy. I live my sixieme class. They are so enthusiastic and cute. They are writing letters for me to send to the kids in Foxboro. Said in my class got really excited when I said some of the kids would be ten years old because he is ten years old too!

 Jeff found me a pumpkin for halloween and I am going to try to stew pumpkin in order to make pumpkin pie. I’ll let you know how it goes!

 The rainy season is coming to an end but even during chaleur (dry season) it stays in the upper 80’s. 

Jeff and I were happy to hear about the Red Sox!!!!! We tried to listen to the games on the radio but no luck…. so sad.


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One response to “Home sweet home

  1. Mae

    Hi Phoebe,

    Nice to find your blog, and glad to hear you’ve finally gotten to move into your house! I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving with you all.

    Bonne chance,

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