Feeling A Little Blue

I am feeling a little homesick… I miss my family, my friends, and my old students! Houegbo isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I signed up for the peace corps. I think I expected more of the rural African experience… out in the desert, off the beaten path sort of place. Instead I live in a cement compound next to the congested highway (which is the same size as Carpenter Street); I guess you could say this is modern Africa. There is electricity, television, and people want to be wealthy.  Of course I still get water from a well and there is no toilet. I will admit that I would be very happy to have a toilet…. especailly when I am not feeling well which happens far to regualarly… Did I tell everyone that I got intestinal parasites? I should have killed all the amoebas by now, but I was the first to get them! Us volunteers have to be proud of something.

Houegbo has no chocolate and I think fondly of Mrs. Lozzi’s m&m jar. At least I can get a snickers bar in Cotonou! My friend Rima even found marshmallows! We get very excited when we are able to find things that are from home.

 I am sending out postcards to my students, it takes a few wees for mail to get to the states but keep a look out! I miss you all very much!



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5 responses to “Feeling A Little Blue

  1. granadaman

    Good to hear from you again. I’m sorry that you’re feeling blue and homesick, but that’s entirely natural given the amount of time you’ve been away from home. You will adjust, I’m sure, but I can sympathize with you on the lack of toilets and water. Just think how much you will appreciate these things when you get back to the States! I’m glad you finally got a puppy. Jeff’s been wanting one for a long time, I know.
    Tomorrow (Monday) is my last day at work. I got a nice card from your mother, Phoebe. Everyone says I’m going to be bored, but I don’t think so. I know how to do nothing and enjoy it.
    I don’t envy you your unruly class, though it surprises me a little. I hate to think they get hit when they do something wrong, but I guess you have to go with the flow. Hope that gets better for you as you get to know the students. I know it’s difficult to teach English as a second language since it’s easy to take things for granted that may not be understood by the students. I’m sending some chocolate to help you. Lots of love, Sharon

  2. Jenn and Aileen

    hi there!!
    We miss you too!!! How can we send chocolate to you…will it melt??? We’ll try anyways. Hot chocolate too!! Your new puppy sounds adorable and lucky to have you and Jeff…don’t let him wander the streets then we’ll worry too! Hopefully you can take him home with you…being quarantined for a few months is worth it!
    The big stick sounds good to Aileen right now…she might use it on Brian!! Just kidding Brian!
    Lots and lots of love,
    Jenn and Aileen

  3. Aileen Lozzi

    We miss you very much! No chocolate! We will find you a source and ship it to you asap! My class of 20 looks pretty good to me now! 60 plus students! Wow! I signed up for you and Jeff and hope to begin correspondence soon! It will get better! Nicky is looking for online chocolate sources in Africa. He says you should have gone to a civilized former British Colony, not the middle of nowhere! Love reading about such a far away place. We will check your blog out at our library period each week. Did I mention we miss you? Everyday! Chin up! Aileen

  4. Mae

    Holy guacamole – marshmallows?!? Rock on! Let me know if/when you decide to head down to Cotonou, and I’ll join you there. Looking forward to Thanksgiving!

  5. Robbie McCoy

    thanks for the post cards!!!! are you having fun there with Jeff? are you coming back to teach 5th grade next year?hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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