Puppies and Teaching

Well, we found the cyber in Allada. It’s slow like Lokossa but it is a short taxi ride from Houegbo so I can’t complain. I had a tough week at school. Most of the kids are good but I have one really tough class that is doing it’s very best to get on my nerves. The director of the school must have heard because he showed up the next time I had them and he brought a a big, orange stick which he uses to scarem or alternately, to hit students who misbehave. He hit a girl in my class when she didn’t stand up like the other 50 kids to say “good morning, director”.  The kids like to mimic me and repeat everything I say in a super high pitched voice. The hardest time to teach is in the evening because my classrooms don’t have electricity and when it gets dark the students can’t see the board and then when it rains (as it usually does around 6pm you can’t hear because your voiced is drowned out by the pattering of the rain on the corrugated tin roof. The kids all wear uniforms and are required to have their heads shaved… even the girls.  Jeff and I were at the marche last week when I spotted an old woman with a cage full or pigeons and 2 puppies. Talk about impulse purchase! We just had to have that puppy. His name is Hugo (Victor P. Hugo to be precise) and he is black except for his feet and the tip of his tail which are white. He looks like he must have walked through a puddle of white paint. Since he’s a little troublemaker I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. The neighbors think it is odd that we play with our dog and keep him in the house with us. One particularly attentive neighbor told me to just let him wander the streets and that everyone would know he is our dog, but Hugo is very young!



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3 responses to “Puppies and Teaching

  1. Brian

    Hi Pheobe!
    How long are your school days? You teach until 6:00PM? Sometimes here we complain about the copy machine not working, but I don’t think it compares to the challenges you must be facing. But with your wonderful spirit, I’m sure the kids will come around!
    A puppy! Love the name! Any pictures?

    Al, David and I are doing fine. He’s getting so big.
    Is there anyway to e-mail you pictures?


  2. Eliza Alden

    Hi Mrs. Guevin,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your new dog is the cutest. How’s the weather there? The other day we got some snow. Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa? Do you like your new house? The work at school is getting harder every day, but some of it is really fun! This year I have Mrs. Tolland for reading/writing and Mrs. Fernandes for math/ science. Keep safe.


  3. Eliza Alden

    Ho, Ho, Ho

    Merry Christmas Mrs. Guevin!!!! I hope you are having a nice Christmas. Did you get any presents from Santa? How about the chocolate?!!! I hope your students had a great time and they got a few things that they wished for. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and please stay SAFE!!!!


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