The two dogs that live in my host families concession have had puppies! I noticed them Sunday morning when I saw one of the puppies laying in the dirt with its little legs splayed out, whining. They are very young and haven’t opened their eyes yet. The mama has them hidden under a shrub. Occaisionally one of the pups wwill manage to crawl out whimpering for her to come and feed them.
WHile dogs are all over the place in Benin the relationships people hgave with dogs are much different from those in the United States. While we pamper our pets, animals here are left to fend for themselves. They aren’t actively fed and must scavange for food. They are also often hit or beaten by people so they tend to be afraid of people. You don’t pet dogs here! One trainee tried to pet a dog and he got bitten! The peace corps made hi, get the rabies vaccine to be safe.
In another town, a peace corps volunteer found a puppy that had been buried alive! Apparently it is a type of voodoo one does. I don’t know why, but I am gglad theyu found the puppy and that he is okay.


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