Happy Return to School!!!

I’ve really missed the Igo this week as I’ve thought about how much fun you are having getting ready for school. I hope everyone has a great year and I want to hear stories!!!



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2 responses to “Happy Return to School!!!

  1. Cheryl

    and boy, do we miss YOU!!! You know Aileen has a recess bag that she happily shares, as long as everyone returns the stuff at the end of recess…well, it seems a football got stuck in one of the playground trees…so, the boys attempted to knock it down by throwing up another ball (happily, not rocks or sticks). Eventually, the football dislodged, but the soccer ball became wedged in its place. (You can see where this is going.) And so once again the boys tossed up balls in an attempt to free the soccer ball. An errant toss took one ball over the fence; that was soon followed by a second ball…and now, both are somewhere in the “jungle” on the other side of the fence. Who was going to explain this to Mrs. L.? Some quick-thinking kiddo wanted Flo and her ladder to come to their rescue, but our 15 minutes was up and the recess bag came up short.

  2. pguevin

    Oh no! It is too early to have recess bag woes

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