Afetr my restful stay at teh med unit I got to take a bush taxi to Ouidah. Have I discussed the bush taxis much? Well they are generally old peugots that have seen their better days. I have to say nothing is wasted here and the Beninese are keeping cars going that most Americans wouldn’t give a second glance at. there are no seat belts. I even rode in a new Nissan that had no seat belts. I think road safety is becoming more of a concern but right now not so much. Well you don’t need a seatbelt because where we mightsit three people they sit 4 maybe 5.Up in front you’ve got the driver and at least 2 passengers. Happily my taxi ride to Ouidah was uneventful. An hour later I was droped off in town where I waited for my fellow stagaires to arrive from Lokossa. While there we visisted the Historical Museum and learned about the Kingdom of Dahomey and the slave trade. The kings sold other ethnic groups to the Portuguese and became wealthy off of the slave trade. We saw the old tree underwhich slaves were sold and we took the path to the beach where we walkedthrough the door of no return… a monument built in rememberance for all of the people forced to leave and who never returned. We also visited the Python temple where many stagaires payed for the pleasure of wearing a snake around the neck. Sorry to say I wasn’t one of them! I’m just not into paying for luxuries like that.


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