Model School

Model School
Since most of my fellow volunteers have little teachingandexperience and how we areal new to teaching in Benin, Peqce Corps has organized “model school. Basically we are operatng free English classes for the kids in Lokossa. This week I am teachng 4th which is equivalent to about 8th grade in the US. It’s not easy teaching English but we’re trying to have fun. I make a lot of gestures and get to draw silly pictures. In my first lesson I got to teach health vocabulary. I think the 60 kids in my class enjoyed my pantomime for diarrhea!

The class sizes are really big… 60 and up students in large cinderblock rooms. My classroom is gray and I wish I could give it a splash of color. There is a black board and that’s about it for teaching aids: no books, no posters, no overheads, nothing.

It does feel good to be teaching though. I really miss the IGO school and I think of everyone all of the time. I even brought pictures of the school with me and look upon them fondly. We are so lucky to have such wonderful schools where children are encouraged to explore and learn and not just memorize and test.


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  1. Jenn

    we miss having you there too!!!

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