Benin Education System

I’m not sure I have enough time to write all i want and the French keyboard makes it slow to type… Going to school in Benin is not automatic. Only elementary school is free, but parents still have to pay for uniforms and all supplies. To go to secondary school you must first pass a test. Then it costs money. WHAT’S more the government doesn’t have enough money to hire enough teachers, so many schools hire people from the community to fill in as teachers. When you get done with the first cycle of secondary school you must take another test to determine if you can go to the last 3 years of high school. These tests can be very hard. Even if you can pass the test that doesn’t mean you can stay in school because some families can’t afford the fees. If your family can’t pay the fee you will have to miss school until you pay. Benin is trying to make education available for everyone, but it can be difficult for a developing country to have the budget for free education. As a peace corps teacher I will be welcomed because I am there to volunteer and will fill a need.

Also I have discovered a delicious coffee flavored soda called Moka!

Also, I visited Jeff in Azove (40 km north of Lokossa). His family is great and he has a private latrine!

A tout a l’heure!


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