Riding Around Cotonou

Today we had Zemi training. Zemi’s are the motorcycle taxis people use to get around in the larger cities and towns. All peace corps volutneers are given helmets to wear so that we can stay safe. I have been very nervous about riding a Zemi, but it was fun and the Zemi drivers were all very nice.  We learned how to bargain for a good price.  Then we put out helmets on, hopped on the bike, and the drivers zoomed off for a short ride.  It can be a little nerve racking because there are few street lights and traffic seems to be coming from every direction. I hope that I won’t have to ride them all of the time. Peace corps also gave us a bike to use in our village.

 I leave Cotonou on Wednesday for my training site in Lokossa. There I will learn how to teach English.  I have been warned that class sizes hover over 60! So you are lucky that you have such small classes in the states.


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  1. granadaman

    Good luck on your classes. Hope you enjoy small town living! Sharon

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